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imagine if giraffes had 2 legs


That just looks like the front view of a giraffe.

oh well excuse me princess do u need a sideview of it prancing through nature


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If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. Dalai Lama XIV (via hqlines)


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if the guy who got shot was white none of you would give a fuck tho

people who look like you and me don’t get targeted by the police, people who look like you and me don’t get shot in the street by the people who are paid to protect us, people who look like me and you shoot up schools and get called “misunderstood” by the mainstream media. that’s the point

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do you ever casually say “i ship it” in a real life conversation then get strange looks from people who have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about because you forget it’s not part of normal people’s vocabulary

I think my whole school believes I am a boat maker or something.

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it’s never a bad time for anal



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*buys kinky bra for looking hot in front of the mirror at 3am by yourself*

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  • me at 10 pm: i should start heading to bed so i can wake up for school tomorrow
  • me at 11 pm: i need to head to bed now
  • me at 12: im going to regret this tomorrow
  • me at 3 am: no point sleeping now
  • me at 5 am: i could take a quick nap
  • me at 7 am: who the fuck let me stay up last night?
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